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Why People Prefer Non-Shifting Hajj Packages

We are Muslims and we all know quite well that among the five pillars of the religion Islam one of the most intriguing and sacred is Hajj. Hajj is comprised of total 5 days and that starts from the Holy city of Saudi Arabia i.e. Makkah, where the Muslims from all over the World come to perform Hajj to please the one and only creator of the universe. For this scared journey, all of the Muslims despite what their financial statuses are, all of these Muslims want to make sure that their stay, as well as the journey to Saudi Arabia, will be smooth, comfortable and less worrisome.

First of all, let's describe the shifting hajj packages, so you can understand where the difference lies actually.

Shifting Hajj Packages

Some years back to handle the huge crowd of the pilgrims and the issue of fewer hotels at the Hajj vicinity, the government of Saudi Arab tried quite hard to accommodate all the people. The solution they brought to adjust the people in not just one hotel on their whole pilgrimage but to replace them in hotels away from the Kaaba premisesand the packages that were available from now than was called as Azziyah or more simply the shifting hajj packages. The packages are still preferred by most of the travel operators and that somehow minimized the cost due to staying at one hotel for some of the time and then moving to another, after. Moreover, it also was helpful in managing the crowd of the pilgrims.

However, this practice was somehow beneficial for the Government but it made the pilgrims quite inconvenient and they have to move from one hotel to another hotel and that causes the diversion of attention from their Hajj performance and rituals.

Non-Shifting Hajj Packages

To make hajj easier as well as effective for the pilgrims, the non-shifting Hajj packages are the best way to go and are also preferred by several Hajj and Umrah tour agencies. The Non-shifting Hajj packages are incorporated in the hotels that are quite close to the Holy Haram and that makes all the things easier for pilgrims like, so they can prayand perform Hajj with quite less travelling hurdles and several compromises.

In the non-shifting Hajj packages, the hotels are very close to Haram all the way inthe busy period of Hajj and that plays quite an important role to provide a great calm and stress-free time for other services. Thatclearly means the shifting from your hotel to Kaaba and other places to perform Hajj rituals there will be no chaos and not a single % of compromise with the hajj performance.

Non-Shifting Hajj Packages From Eiman Travels Hajj Services from UK

There are many cost-effective and good non-shifting packages from our travel and tour agency which not only keep you from all tensions of hotel migrations but as well as will provide you quite better services. The Hajj Packages which we provide are cheaper than any other travel agency in all over the UK. Visit the website and discover more.

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