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Inner Peace and Islam

The Road to calmness and Inner peace is such a path which has to be walked upon by the one desiring inner peace and tranquility / calmness and all one need to walk on this path is good deeds.

It can be said that in our hearts we have hollowness which can only be filled by the remembrance of Allah. So Allah created this loneliness in our hearts which makes us closer to him and by closer to him what I mean is calmness and inner peace as these kind of spiritual things can only be attained by getting closer to the creator.

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim writes:
"In the heart, there is a sense of untidiness which can only be gathered by turning to Allah
And in the heart there is a sense of loneliness which can only be removed by coming closer to Allah
And in the heart there is fear and anxiety, which only leaves by fleeing to Allah
And in the heart there is a sense of regret, which can only be removed by being satisfied with Allah."

Knowing the reality of our lives and this universe created by Allah (SWT) bring us calmness and inner peace.

Quran says:
"Everything on earth will perish. But the face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honor remains"
[Quran 55:26-7]

What ever we do in our lives produces great effect on us so things done against the teachings of Islam will just make us worried and on contrary to this things done seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT) will endure and live on.

Humans particularly the emotional ones have a bad habit of expecting too much and if that expectation is not fulfilled then their heart breaks and they become depressed. So to attain peace on mind and heart , calmness one should not expect any thing from anyone as when one have zero expectations then every thing becomes a source of happiness and the life becomes focused.

After achieving this focus thing in life one really moves past the things which are not worth spending ones precious emotions in this way he learns the art of forgiveness.

Quran says :
"And hasten yourself to your Lord "

After getting rid of other things when ones focus of life Becomes Allah (SWT) then he gains calmness and inner peace. is proud to announce its trustworthiness regarding all the Hajj and Umrah Deals, December Umrah deals and Ramadan Umrah packages. You can make your spiritual journey completely hassle free by believing in us.

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